Laboratory of Structural Biology (LSB) is focused on structural studies of biologic macromolecules (mostly proteins) and their complexes. Our main method is single crystal X-ray diffraction. We work on broadening of our structural biology methods (e.g. SAXS) and also cooperate with our partners that dispose of a wide range of biochemical analyses. Our results are of potential interest in medicine (drug design), immunology, food industry, and biotechnologies.

Our teaching activities are limited to structural biology, macromolecular crystallography and application of synchrotron radiation. Our plan is to start a new technological branch at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) at Czech Technical University (CTU).

Our experiments are mostly done at synchrotron light sources (Bessy II - HZB Berlin; PetraIII - Hamburg). The laboratory does not have its own experimental equipment. We cooperate with the Center of Molecular Structure of BIOCEV ( that offers access to state-of-the-art technologies of macromolecule crystallization and in-house X-ray source (Bruker - D8 Venture).

We cooperate with the Laboratory of Structure and Function of Biomolecules at the Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v.v.i., a member of the project BIOCEV. Our PhD students are usually employed here during their PhD studies.