about me

I am an assistant professor at the dept of mathematics at FNSPE, Czech Technical University in Prague. In the past I also worked (part-time) at the Institute of thermomechanics, Academy of sciences of the Czech Republic. I received my PhD in Mathematical engineering in 2009 (dissertation related to bone remodelling).

My main interest are – apart from my family – good reads, sports, and research. Regarding the last one, I consider myself as an applied mathematician with major interests in modelling in general including a way how to formulate thermodynamically consistent models (non-equilibrium thermodynamics provides means for such formulations; CIT, EIT, GENERIC) and how to analyse them (stability, symmetries of DEs, asymptotic methods)  and the emergence of spatial organisation (diffusion-driven instability and beyond). Topics that attracted my attention up to now include non-equilibrium thermodynamics in general, coupling phenomena, mixture theory,bone remodelling, cartilage, simple swimmers in Stokes flow, pattern formation, or  PEM membranes.  My research can be followed on researchgate.

My scientific inspiration comes mainly from Frantisek Marsik (IT CAS CR), Eamonn A Gaffney (Oxford), Philip K Maini (Oxford), Miroslav Grmela (Montreal) and Manuel Doblare (Zaragoza). They are all great minds and I have been extremely lucky to meet them and collaborate with them. Further, I have enjoyed collaboration with Jay Benziger, Ioannis Kevrekidis (both at Princeton), Michael Ward (UBC), Hans Othmer (Minnesota), Dagmar Iber (ETH), Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg), Alain Goriely (Oxford), Marcelo Epstein (Calgary), Denis Headon (Roslin Institute), MariaAngeles Perez Anson (Zaragoza), Habiba Bougherara (Toronto), and l’Hocine Yahia (Montreal).

All’s well that ends well but I hope I am not there yet.