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v 0.6 by Vladimir Jary

This project is being developped for the OSQAR experiment. spe-tools is a command-line program that converts spectrum files (*.spe) produced by CCD cameras by Princeton Instruments into one of the following formats:

spe-tools is written in C++ language using the Qt framework. It should work on all platforms supported by Qt, including Windows and Linux.


spe-tools 0.6 (current version) (md5sum: 64a0174f18d1af46908530019a048ffd)

spe-tools 0.5 (md5sum: 1f8ad47a59247206188a1a16d0b53378)

spe-tools 0.4 (md5sum: ae662b91a3382f16dcb3e458a912ba45)

spe-tools 0.3 (md5sum: c69eeed43a4414ca798e7c75d19e6497)

spe-tools 0.2 (md5sum: bbbec01148e4b3d23f16baaf02717ea3)

spe-tools 0.1 (md5sum: 1a1f7db53081588b4568056e221c3477)


on Windows: spe-tools.exe input.spe format [newline]
on Linux: ./spe-tools input.spe format [newline]
Format is one of the following: asc, csv, pgm, txt Newline is either empty or one of the following: unix, dos, mac This parameter specifies the format of new line sequence (Unix LF, DOS CR+LF, Mac CR), see Wikipedia article for more details.
You can also run spe-tools in a batch mode - this mode will convert all spectrum files in given directory and in its subdirectories. For examples, the command
spe-tools.exe C:\Data\ txt
will convert all spe files under the C:\Data into plain text files.

How to build spe-tools from sources

This quick howto assumes you are using some modern distribution of GNU/Linux. You will need Qt4 developement package (and for version 0.5 also ROOT).

  1. mkdir spe-tools
  2. cd spe-tools
  3. wget http://kmlinux.fjfi.cvut.cz/~jaryvlad/download/spe-tools-0.6.zip
  4. unzip spe-tools-0.6.zip
  5. cd src
  6. qmake spe-tools.pro -o Makefile
  7. make
  8. have fun!

How to plot txt file produced by spe-tools using gnuplot?

plot 'file.txt' with lines
set grid
set xlabel 'Pixel No.'
set ylabel 'Intensity'
set label 'Spectrum'

Known limitations:

Since version 0.6, the program supports all data formats of SPE file. However, data format 2 (signed 16-bit integer) has not been tested.



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